A Environmentally Certified venue


Our environmental impact is primarily in the areas of energy, transport and waste. We therefore try to reduce our impact in these areas in particular, but also in other areas, as far as is technically possible and economically feasible. To comply with and exceed current environmental legislation is a matter of course. Our environmental vision is to become the greenest facility of its kind in Sweden, through our own work in parallel with the influence of both suppliers and customers and visitors. The diploma is issued by the Environmental Steps in Stockholm and is based on international ISO140001 and national environmental standard Swedish Miljöbas.

To fulfill this, Kistamässan:

  • Information/education 
    Increase our awareness and knowledge in the field of environment and implement these skills as much as possible among employees, suppliers, customers and visitors
  • Energy
    Strive towards using environmentally friendly choices and to minimize the consumption of minimal environmental impact
  • Transportation
    Choosing eco-friendly suppliers in person, courier and freight, as well as actively influence the visitors of Kistamässan that as far as possible choose public transport to minimize our direct and indirect environmental impacts
  • Waste
    Increase the proportion of sorted waste and reduce the overall amount of waste and the handling of hazardous waste so that environmental impacts are minimized
  • Purchase
    First choose goods, products and services from companies with active environmental and check the ecolabelling of products and to account for and reward local production.

If you want to know more about the City of Stockholm and the Swedish Environmental Diploma Miljöbas please visit:

Miljöstegens website
Svenskmiljöbas website


Our environmental choices

Our environmental choices gives you a guide to the best environmental choice of the articles contained within Kistamässans various product groups. For example, products with lower energy consumption or made of environmentally friendly materials relative to other options in Kistamässans range.

Green meetings

Environmental awareness is great in the meetings industry. So great that Kistamässan together with leading companies and organizations within the Swedish meetings industry formed the Swedish Chapter of GMIC. Green Meeting Industry Council (GMIC) is a global non-profit organization that started in the U.S. in 2008, and through research, education and influence leads the development of sustainability in the meetings industry.

With the founding of GMIC Sweden, we now have new opportunities to work with several major players in the industry working for sustainability issues at the national level. Kistamässan want to influence the development of the meetings industry, where environmental perspective will have an increasingly important role.

Other founders of GMIC Sweden: Gothenburg Convention Bureau, Dubai Convention Bureau, MCI Sweden, Stockholm Convention Bureau, Stockholm International Fairs, the Swedish Exhibition and Visit East Sweden DMC.

Read more about GMIC.


For questions regarding Kistamässans environmental work please contact: