Kistamässan offers an exhibitors insurance

As exhibition organizers we know that insurance is an important part of exhibiting. The exhibitions get bigger, there are more complex objects being shown and the numbers of visitors are growing. This is a positive thing, but with this follows an increased risk for accidents, injuries and the need to have an insurance cover.

A regular company insurance normally do not cover exhibiting at a fair. A separate insurance cover for transportation and exhibitions is usually very expensive and do not give as extensive coverage as our new exhibitors insurance. The transportation companies’ liability is also very limited.

Together with If Skadeförsäkringar (insurance company) has Kistamässan developed the markets most beneficial and easiest insurance for our exhibitors.

The insurance cover the following:

  • Your goods are fully insured during transportation to and from the exhibition, inc. loading and unloading. Your goods are fully insured at the exhibition inc. unpacking and packing
  • All transportation within EU/EFTA to and from the exhibition
  • For most injury situations, excess 1 000 SEK. For all other issues see general terms (car break-in etc). Valid for exhibitors and represented companies in the stand
  • Valid for exhibitors and represented companies in the stand.

The insurance covers up to the amount of 200 000 SEK to a price of 1 250 SEK per exhibitor. With a simple phone call you can easily raise the amount covered with an extra premium of 0,4 % of the insurance value above 200 000.

We wish to create an easy and carefree exhibition for you so that you can focus on sales and the business side of things.

Download the insurance regulations (PDF)

Download information about the exhibitor insurance (PDF)

For more information please contact

Teres Suneson Holmberg
+46 8 506 650 16

At Kistamässan's own exhibitions an exhibitors insurance is mandatory, but there are exceptions. Please check your company insurance or other insurances you may have before your event so that you have a sufficient cover relevant for the exhibition. Kistamässan accept no responsibility for your products before, during or after the event.

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