Goods service


The following applies to the handling of goods at Kistamässan:

  • For arrival and departure times of specific events, please look at the events website.
  • If you have goods weighing over 1 tonne per package, or that are more than 2 meters wide and/or more 2.5 m high, you must contact the engineering department at least two weeks in advance
  • In cases where the freight forwarder, who deliver the goods, ask us to transport the goods to the booth, we will do so at the exhibitor's expense, regardless of what has been agreed between the shipper and the exhibitor
  • During the last moving day begins laying the mats at once. 17.00. After this time is kept clean from freight, packaging and waste
  • Packaging and empty packaging is not permitted to keep the booth, contact the service center for the removal and storage of this, the minimum charge is one cubic meter
  • If the goods arrive before the specified time when we receive the goods, we will run it to the warehouse and the cost is charged to the exhibitor, the same applies if the goods are not picked up within the specified time
  • The goods must be labeled with: Arrangement name, company and booth number
  • NOTE! Kistamässan assumes no responsibility for the goods during cargo handling.
  • Mail your request to stand service (a) we will get back with a quote.

Send a request for offer via email to monterservice(a) and they will get back to with an offer.

Goods address

Vågögatan 3
SE 164 40 Kista
+46 8 506 651 60

Online order 

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Technical manager, Kistamässan

Jan Thorén
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