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We have a high ambitions for your participation at our fairs. In order to make this as smooth as possible for you we have our subcontractor Workman Event who has all the necessary products for a successful exhibition. Workman Event has several years of experience in the exhibition industry and with their competent staff on site they can help with everything that you could need in your stand.

To get specific information regarding your fair/exhibition, we kindly ask you to visit each events website.

About Workman Event

Workman Event is a production company who focus on the actual building of stands, fairs and exhibitions. They offer project management and can sketch/design both individual stands and entire fairs.  As a partner and subcontractor to Kistamässan they manage the venues technical department, this includes among many things the logistics department, production and stand service for exhibitors. So do not hesitate to contact them if you have questions.

Order in time and save money

Please note that we charge 30 % extra for items and services if you order them later than 10 days before the fair opens. Please let us know in time and save money.


If changes or cancellations are made later than 10 days before the exhibition will be charged the full price.


If your company is registered abroad we have a prepayment policy which means that the invoice from Workman Event needs to be paid at the latest on the day before the first building day. For specific times regarding your event, please see the exhibitor information.

If your company is registered in Sweden all stand service will be billed after the event with payment terms of 10 days net. All prices in the catalog are rental prices for the whole exhibition, exclusive of VAT, unless otherwise stated. Workman Event reserves the right for misprints and price adjustments.

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Rental and Payment Terms

If you have any questions - please do not hesitate to contact Workman Event.

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+46 8 410 356 60

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