Fire regulations

Construction material shall consist of classified flame-safe materials as for example particle board and plywood. Fire proof stuff shall be type approved. All building materials must be fire resistant or non-flammable and approved by the Swedish National Testing & Research Institute.

Fabrics and decorations materials must be fireproofed. A fabric ceiling above 30 m2 in size is only permitted with a sprinkler system installed or with a fire inspector on watch. This also applies to ceilings made of other materials than fabric. Contact the safety manager at Kistamässan to apply for an exemption.

Empty packaging, waste and other combustible materials may not be stored on the stand. All electric installations must comply with existing regulations and be approved by the exhibition centres electrician.

Only vehicles approved by Kistamässan can enter the premises and the fuel tank must be full and provided with a lockable tank lid.

Inflammable products must be approved by the exhibition centre. All such products must be placed on a cart to ensure easy away transportation. Such articles and other pressurised vessels must be sorted in a designated area outside the premises after closing time.

Hot work as welding, cutting, naked flames etc. is only allowed after special permission from the Security Officer/centre management. The same applies for activities that give off smoke or gas, as cooking or baking or using smoke machines in the stand.

There is an automatic fire alarm in the halls with sensitive smoke detectors. An exhibitor causing a fire emergency response by mistake will be charged any costs arising.

At any construction with two levels, the number of staircases are set by the distance to the nearest staircase. The distance shall not exceed 10m. Required staircase width is determined by the surface of the upper level, up to 15 sqm results in a staircase of at least 0.8m width. For every extra surface up to 15 sqm an additional . For each additional 0-15 sqm surface an extra 0.8m wide staircase are required. 2 x 0.8m staircases can be exchanged by an 1 x 1.2 m wide staircase. Constructions in two levels must meet the Swedish building standard (BBR, BKR) and the special fire and evacuation regulations that the authorities concerned have established.

The full responsibility for security and construction lays with the stand builders. Kistamässan take no responsibility for implementing designs and for construction work. Kistamässan has the right to require drawings, etc. regarding the construction. No work may begin on a 2-level stand until Kistamässan have given permission in writing.

Smoking is according to Swedish law not permitted within the venue

Safety- and security rounds are conducted before and during each event. Any remarks arising during those inspections must be immediately attended to by the exhibitor.

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