*Our safety regulations are adapted to suit the needs of each trade show and event.

Every visit here must be a safe visit. Your health and safety, and ours, will always come first, so we are adapting our facilities in the following ways:

  • Visitors will no longer be able to register at the entrance. Instead, this must be done online before your visit (or possibly by smartphone on site).
  • Face masks and disposable gloves will be available at the entrance for visitors who require them.
  • Hand sanitiser stations will be located on the trade show floor and in public areas.
  • Transparent acrylic screens will be installed at registration and information desks.
  • Staff will be stationed around the premises to make sure that visitors can maintain social distancing.
  • Cleaning routines have been upgraded in frequency (how often) and surfaces are disinfected regularly.
  • Holding points for maintaining social distancing in queues will be set up at entrances and where food is served.
  • Information signs on Covid safety will be posted in the entrance hall.

We hold two Covid-19 certificates!

See you safely – a collaborative project between Sweden’s leading trade show organisers

As part of the preparations for re-opening trade show activities at Kistamässan, Easyfairs carried out a certification process during the summer to ensure the quality of its infection control routines for Covid-19. This work is part of the collaborative project See You Safely, introduced by Sweden’s trade show organisers right at the start of the pandemic.

Our international Covid-19 certification was developed by SAFE Asset Group and means that Kistamässan’s preparations and routines for dealing with Covid-19 have been certified as Covid-19 Compliant. The assessment criteria include management systems, risk analysis, sign materials, availability of hand sanitiser stations, and training and safety routines.

  • Management system – Organisation, roles, responsibilities, policy, guidelines for safety and legal requirements, self-monitoring and compliance.
  • Risk assessment – Risk analysis for events and measures to reduce the risk spread of Covid-19, risk assessment, social distancing, cleaning and specific risk areas.
  • Exhibitor safetyand routines – Routines for exhibitors, hygiene, social distancing, guidelines and compliance.
  • Supplier safety and routines – Routines for suppliers, hygiene, social distancing, guidelines and compliance.
  • Cleaning/Hygiene – Risk areas for cleaning, cleaning plans, cleaning routines, training and information for staff, protective equipment, cleaning routines for restaurants, visitor areas, toilets and compliance with these rules.
  • Safe visit – Routines and plans for visitors, registration, information before, during and after, signs, social distancing along visitors’ route, information, hand sanitising, routines for entrances, visitor guides and public communication and general safety measures during visits.

Partnership with SGS to ensure
“Every visit is a safe visit”

Our partnership with SGS, the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company, ensures that Easyfairs meets the highest international standards for health and safety. We work hard to make every visit a safe visit during the coronavirus pandemic and beyond. More information about our partnership with SGS and how it influences safety measures at our facilities can be found on Easyfair’s global website.
(Information is in English)

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