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Our restaurants are run by KM Restauranger, the culinary team behind NK Restaurants. They focus on locally sourced and organic ingredients, with menus emphasizing Scandinavian cuisine influenced by flavors from around the world. Whether you’re planning an exclusive dinner or a larger cocktail party for thousands of guests, together we can bring your ideas to life. The main restaurant is located adjacent to hall 1 and can accommodate 320 people, while our Bistro outside hall 2 has seating for 150 guests. Inside the halls, there are also fixed serving stations for cafés and simpler food service. For larger catering solutions, mobile kitchen and bar units are used, tailored to specific needs.

Our restaurants

Restaurang Bistro

The bistro, with 140 seats, is located in the heart of Entrétorget next to the panoramic windows of the main entrance, which offer fantastic light. Here, you can take a coffee break and enjoy a peaceful moment or arrange a pleasant After Work. KM Restaurants offer a café menu with substantial items, pastries, and lighter dishes such as open sandwiches, salads, sandwiches, and soups, accompanied by a glass of wine or champagne if desired.

The lunch restaurant

The lunch restaurant has space for 200 people and is located adjacent to the halls. For those seeking a more intimate and exclusive dining experience, the restaurant offers a fine dining section accommodating up to 50 people.

The small café

The Little Café is located in Hall 1 and can be furnished with lounge groups or with round café tables and chairs, according to preferences. Here, coffee, various drinks, and simple food are served.

Dinner in the exhibition hall

In our exhibition hall, we can set up fantastic banquet halls. With the help of fabrics and lighting, we can create an atmospheric and flexible dining venue. Need a stage for performances, dance floor, bars, or a lounge area? No problem – we tailor the space to your event. In the exhibition hall, we can accommodate dinners for up to 3500 people – always with the same high quality!

Food and drinks nearby

If you’re looking for a nice restaurant near the fair, we have some recommendations that might suit your taste buds. There are several options here for you to explore and enjoy local and international dishes.

Upper east

At Upper East the cooking is based on the use of high-quality ingredients and preparation from scratch. The menus have a clear emphasis on both traditional and innovative dishes, drawing inspiration from kitchens around the world.

Address: Kistagången 2-4, 164 40 Kista

Tastory Kista

Tastory is known for offering food that is both fresh and prepared from scratch with high-quality ingredients. Their buffet service always includes a wide range of green dishes and accompaniments that complement the day’s choice of fish, meat or vegetarian option perfectly.

Address: Kistagången 12, 164 40 Kista


Discover the flavors at Tastys! Their menu offers a wide range of delicious and fresh sandwiches, salads and pasta salads. Whether you’re craving a classic sandwich or a flavorful salad, there’s something to suit everyone.

Address: Kistagången 2-4, 164 40 Kista

Det arroganta svinet

Det arroganta svinet specializes in Texas BBQ and smoked food. On the menu, you’ll find several delicious barbecue dishes, including the best Texas BBQ in Stockholm and its surroundings.

Address: Isafjordsgatan 16, 164 40 Kista

Sustainable and delicious

Our restaurants always strive to offer top-quality meals while considering the environment and being mindful of our environmental impact.

To reduce our carbon footprint, we’ve chosen not to serve any red meat, and we ask our suppliers to only purchase MSC-certified fish and seafood. Instead, we prioritize organic products as much as possible and offer entirely organic dishes, including at least one vegetarian option every day. We also actively work to minimize food waste by implementing portion control and reducing the use of disposable items at all serving occasions.

Interested in learning more about our sustainability efforts?

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