Our main initiatives

By actively engaging in the following six main areas, we aim to reduce our environmental impact, promote social responsibility and contribute to a more sustainable future

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The venue takes energy-saving measures, uses only green electricity, and implements other actions to reduce unnecessary energy consumption.

  • We limit our energy consumption by carefully controlling lighting, heating, and levels of ventilation, heating, and air conditioning (HVAC).
  • The facility is equipped with LED lighting and uses renewable electricity.
  • We limit the temperature to 20°C during the event.
  • Our all-inclusive booths and all organizer areas are equipped with LED lighting.
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Travel & Accommodation

Easyfairs reduces emissions from travel and selects our preferred accommodation partners based on sustainability criteria.

  • Electric car chargers are available in close proximity to the facility.
  • Bicycle parking is available nearby the facility.
  • We recommend carpooling to the event.
  • The facility is located within a 5-minute walking distance from the nearest commuter train station.
  • All shuttle traffic from the station is operated with electric vehicles.
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Food & food waste

We apply principles of sustainable food sourcing at our food service locations, reduce food waste, and donate surplus food to charity.

  • We encourage our suppliers to practice portion control at serving stations to reduce waste.
  • Vegetarian and vegan options are available at serving stations.
  • We ask our suppliers to purchase food locally and adhere to principles of responsible agriculture.
  • We ask our suppliers to serve fish & seafood in accordance with sustainable guidelines to preserve ecosystems.
  • We ask our suppliers to only purchase fair trade/organic tea and coffee.
  • No red meat is served in our lunch restaurants.
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Production & Waste

We implement strict waste management and waste reduction plans, as well as limit the use of plastic at our events.

  • We sort the waste generated by our events.
  • We lay out reusable carpet tiles at our events.
  • Our Smart Badge technology enables a significant reduction in paper usage for our exhibitors.
  • The venue is equipped with sorting bins at key locations.
  • We use reusable booth packages at this event, allowing us to greatly reduce the waste generated by single-use booths.
  • We sort the waste generated by our events.
  • We offer 100% recyclable carpeting at our events.
  • We use eco-labeled cleaning products at the facility.
  • We strive to eliminate single-use plastic at all serving stations and collaborate with all our partners to replace single-use plastic packaging and bottles with sustainable solutions.
  • The facility is equipped with multiple water stations.
  • We produce graphic signs made with environmentally friendly components and water-based ink.
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Freight & Logistics

Easyfairs booth packages reduce transportation emissions and waste, and we select our suppliers based on sustainability criteria.

  • We apply sustainability criteria in our contracts.
  • We select our suppliers based on sustainability criteria for transportation.
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Social responsibility

We strive to be an inclusive team, embracing diversity with equal opportunities for all and embedd sustainability at the core of our event.

  • Our event seminar program focuses on topics within sustainability.
  • We provide hearing loops at our conferences.
  • We favor local suppliers and suppliers who apply socially responsible practices (gender equality, DEI, solidarity measures).
  • Our event generates city tourism and supports local restaurants/hotels.
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